I can't hear you!



We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post for a really funny story.

I woke up this morning, stretched, and took a shower.  I toweled off quickly and not especially thoroughly—it feels nice to be damp and sit under a fan while I’m getting ready for the day.  I squeegeed the floor (in India there are no shower stalls, and the whole bathroom gets wet when you bathe), then padded over to the bureau to pull out my clothes.  As I reached my hand into the dark and musty cupboard, a gecko jumped out and ran up my arm.

To my everlasting shame, I screamed.

I shook the gecko to the floor and covered my mouth, but it was too late—children and wardens came running and started pounding on my door and windows.  “Meagan Sister, what happened?  Meagan Auntie, are you all right?”  I slid to the wall, clutching my towel and hollered, “Yes, I’m fine!  Everything is all right!”

“Can’t hear, Meagan Auntie, can’t hear!” came the urgent response.  “Open the door!  What happened?  How are you?  Are you fine?”  I don’t understand why they can’t hear me when I could hear them perfectly, but I shoved my face into crack of the door and bellowed at the top of my lungs “Everything is fine!”

“Come, sister, come!  Can’t hear, sister!” they said again, and as they continued to pound on the door and ask if I am okay a crowd began to gather.  I dove into my clothes, my bare feet stumbling and slipping on the marble floors as I frantically fought the friction of the fabric on my damp skin.  I tripped over my towel, knocking over a table and scattering a hundred bobby pins the floor.  Disheveled but decent, I opened the door at last to reveal dozens of anxious and excited faces.  “I’m fine,” I panted.  “There was a gecko.  It surprised me.  I’m fine.”

A few children peered into my room curiously, but the culprit has long since scuttled away and there is nothing left to see.  Everyone left except Isaiah, who is in kindergarten.  He clucked his tongue as he surveyed the aftermath.

“Lazy, Auntie, lazy!” he said.  “Clean your room!”

In other news, if you haven’t already watched the kids do the Cupid Shuffle on Facebook, check it out!  The excellent gentlemen at DIY.org let me borrow a pair of iPhones, so I taught the older girls how to use them and now have my own camera crew.  Today is the last day of the holidays, so we celebrated with a dance off!